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Rules Before Uploading An Icon

These are the rules that you must follow in order to submit an icon. Please make sure you read all of them, they are very important. These rules are here to ensure that Doll Buddie Icons displays the most quality doll icons on the net. has the right to delete icons that do not follow these rules before even showing up on the site. If users are continually uploading icons that were stolen from other sites, or icons that break the rules, then has the right to delete the user's account.

  1. Icons must be submitted in the proper categories.

  2. Do not submit any hateful icons, such as "Avril sux!" or "Britney is a slut!"

  3. Icons that contain mild profanity, sexuality, drugs or alcohol will be accepted.

  4. Names Icons will be accepted, but must only go in the names category.

  5. Do not upload any icons that say "katy loves aaron" or any kind of relationship icon that includes names.

  6. Do not submit any icons that were 100% made by the use of icon makers, including icons from or icons made with my icon maker. However, if you make icons from my icon maker but really show that you have changed them enough to make them unique, will accept them.

  7. Prep icons (aka the larger kind of doll icons) only go in the "prep" category.

  8. Always test out your icon as an actual AIM icon before you submit it, just to make sure that it will actually fit and won't be too big (especially if it is animated).

  9. Do not submit icons that are poor quality, fuzzy, or distorted. Only submit quality icons.

  10. Only submit doll icons. Pictures of celebrities and movie stars may be accepted, though.

  11. Only submit icons that are saved in .GIF format.

  12. All icons you submit must be 48 x 48 pixels.

  13. The most important rule of all......only submit icons that you have actually made yourself. Do NOT go to other icon sites, save the icons, and upload them to my server. That is not what my site is all about. If I find out that people submit icons that are from other icon sites, they will be deleted.

Privacy Policy/Disclaimer
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