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Privacy Policy

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Members of must be at least 13 years or older to participate in our unique services. does not sell information about its members such as name or address. This information is only used for contact purposes. Passwords of all users are securely encrypted in our database and are only sent to your e-mail address when needed. At no times will employees check passwords or ask you for your password. If this happens please notify one of the site owners and we will take the necessary actions against whoever is requesting this information. All information you submit to this site is never given away for any type of reason unless otherwise stated.


All of the cartoon dolls used on to create buddy icons came from the chat software called "The Palace". Also, most of the props in the Doll Icon Maker came from "The Palace". Backgrounds were made and drawn using programs such as: Adobe Photoshop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro, Jasc Animation Shop Pro, and Paint. All layouts shown on this site were designed and created by the owner of unless stated otherwise.

The icons at are made by the owner, the helpers, and the majority of icons are submitted by visitors, like yourself. does not encourage visitors submitting icons that are not made by themselves, but we are not personally responsible if this happens. If you see icons on this site that are legally yours, however, please contact me and I will quickly remove them. Also, I do not encourage visitors submitting icons that were made using icon makers, such as the one on my site, because the icons are not truly original and unique.

You must be 13 years of age or older to view this site. Some icons may be alcohol, sex, or drug related and contain profanity. Please only access this site if you feel you are mature enough to handle these kinds of icons.

Do not take, steal, or redistribute any if the icons, layouts, or graphics that are used on this website. The icons are only available for personal use for AIM Instant Messanger, Message Boards, and other various chat programs. I know that many icons were not made by the owner of and were donated, but in respect of other people's hard work please do not redistribute any of their icons to other sites. Please do not submit any of the icons on this site to any other large icon sites. People work very hard on the icons they make, and it is very inconsiderate to redistribute them without their permission.

Thanks for reading this.
From, Heather

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